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Pay your bill by phone: 866-424-3829

Automatic Draft Program

Kuttawa Gas & Water System is able to post your payments automatically with our automatic draft program. Below is a PDF version of the form. If you would like to enroll, please print the form, fill out and send it back to us with the necessary information attached.

Our program is setup to draft from your bank account on the 15th. You will have until the 10th to address any issues or errors with your bill. On the 15th (or the next business day if it falls on a weekend or holiday), we will draft your account for the full account balance.

Automatic Draft Enrollment Form

*If the draft is returned to us there will be a $50 returned draft fee

Meter Deposits

For every active meter there is a required meter deposit. The deposit must be made before service may be established. Upon account closing, the meter deposit will be applied to your bill balance and any remaining money will be refunded to you.

$100 - Gas Meter
$150 - Water Meter

Billing Cycle

Our meters are read each month around the 1st. Your billing cycle runs from the 1st to the 1st and you will be billed for this usage at the end of the month. Our billing runs a month behind. We mail the bills out before the first of every month.

All gas and water bills are due by the 15th of the month (or the next business day if 15th falls on a weekend or holiday). After the 15th, there will be a 10% penalty applied to your account. Any balance remaining after the 25th of the month makes your account eligible for cutoff.

Delinquent Bills

If you have a balance forward (bf) printed on your bill, please be aware that the entire balance is NOW DUE! The entire balance must be paid immediately or you will be subject to cutoff.

If your services are disconnected, you will be required to pay the entire balance and $15 reconnect fee for each service before having your service restored.

Water Quality Report

Below is the link to the latest water quality report, CCR 2020, for Kuttawa Water System. Should you need a printed copy please contact City Hall at 270-388-7151 or stop by at 82 Cedar Street and we will provide that for you.

2020 Water Quality Report

Additional Information

More important information can be found on the Lyon County website.

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